Permanent hair removal

The only scientifically recognized method for permanent hair removal

  • not only permanently, but permanently freed from hair
  • Regardless of hair color, hair thickness or skin colour

Current corona information:

The following corona rules currently apply:
The 3G rule applies to services close to the body (this also includes electro-epilation) (i.e. a supervised self-test on site is sufficient for customers who have not been vaccinated or have not recovered). Due to limited capacities on site, however, 2G still applies at forever-hair-away, i.e. vaccinated or recovered).

The following applies to people vaccinated with the vaccine "Janssen" from Johnson & Johnson: One vaccination is no longer sufficient for a complete vaccination, but - as with all other vaccines - two vaccinations are required.


In addition to a medical certificate, non-vaccinable people only need a rapid test.
The validity period of certificates for recovered people has been shortened to 90 days.This means that people who are not vaccinated are only considered recovered 90 days after their positive test. The reduction applies “retrospectively”.
The hotspot regulations for areas with a 7-day incidence of more than 1,000 have been canceled without replacement.

Source: Munich Chamber of Crafts                                                             Status: 03/20/2022

Introduction of forever-hair-away


Naturally radiantly beautiful - smooth skin

No more hair in unwanted places

more than just weeks, months, years

- but forever -


Needle epilation = permanent hair removal without laser or IPL
  smooth legs, free armpits, beautiful bikini zone

 Say goodbye to wax strips, razors and depilatory cream forever.

Show off your hair-free skin!
Your smooth skin - our success
Needle epilation in Munich