Put your skin in professional hands

Elektrologistin am Arbeitsplatz

After personal experience with various, often expensive, hair removal methods, inflammation and ingrown hairs, I finally arrived at electrolysis . I could only find a few specialized medical practices, but I  could find many more providers with short-term solutions such as IPL and the like.  That motivated to do my own training in electrolysis , because there really is no other way to really remove hair forever. So the name forever-hair-away fits!  

My method

get right to the root of the problem!

  • I work according to the latest scientific standards with modern equipment
  • Regular participation in conferences and workshops to maintain and perfect secure my skills
  • My talent, dexterity and high level of committment all contribute to my effective treatments.
  • For the essential professional levels of hygiene, I work exclusively with sterile disposable probes.
  • And, of course, discretion and individual, detailed advice.

Training in electrolysis

  • Intensive Training Part A: Medical Basics of Skin and Skin Diseases
  • Intensive Training Part B: Hair and Hair Removal Methods
  • Practical training: Electrolysis in practice

Member at the Deutschen Verband der Elektro-Epilation e.V.

Member at the Fachverband Elektrologie